World premiere: The new system generation ProfilControl 7


Pixargus at K Trade Fair: Innovative hybrid system, ProfilControl 7, provides surface information and topographic data with just one sensor.


At the K Trade Fair, Pixargus will introduce ProfilControl 7. This next-generation system, developed by the Germany-based measuring technology experts, is the first to combine complete surface inspection and 360° contour measurement within a single sensor unit. By applying multi-area scanning, Pixargus is entering entirely new spheres of vision. Thanks to its compact design and innovative assistance features, the system is quickly set up and ready for use as a flexible inline system providing measuring data during the line start and throughout the production campaign.


With a next-generation enhancement to their successful ProfilControl DUALHEAD series of inline measuring equipment, Pixargus is opening up entirely new potentials in industrial image processing and setting a new benchmark in quality inspection of extruded products. ProfilControl 7 (PC7), the new system generation, is scalable and enables entirely new synergies between surface inspection and contour measurement. A newly introduced virtual camera function makes it possible to perform several different inspection tasks at the same time and a new lighting concept expands the measuring sphere.


First hybrid system with combined surface inspection and contour measurement provides real cost savings


PC7, which combines surface inspection and contour measurement in a modular system, provides continuous, automatic quality control. The measuring modules are integrated within one sensor head and switchable separately or in parallel. Up to eight Hybrid Power Multi Camera Sensors are in place to capture quality-relevant data in extrusion lines. Correlating the corresponding contour and surface information becomes much easier, as all measured data come together in one and the same sensor unit. This takes data precision and defect analysis performance to the next level. The new PC7 series saves money as it no longer requires the investment in a separate shape measuring system.


Innovative lighting enhances vision


Also the lighting system is new. PC7 uses both LED and laser technology within the camera's field of vision. By taking advantage of both systems, excellent calibration performance is achieved. Simultaneously, the Light-Edge elements developed by Pixargus ensure that the measuring field is extremely homogeneously lit, allowing the camera sensors to immediately capture and process irregularities and defects which were not visible or difficult to detect in the past - for example, specks, pores, scratches, cracks or grooves.  In contrast to the Profilcontrol DUALHEAD predecessor systems, in the PC7 series the light ring is integrated into the sensor head. The compact design of the new system not only adds to the ease of handling, but also safely shields the light ring from external mechanical impact.


PC7 can also perform various special tasks such as intelligent hole and flock inspection, variable extrusion and Defect Density Management (DDM).


Multi-tasking enabled by innovative multi-area scanning: Several measuring and inspection tasks performed at the same time


PC7 features a modularly adjustable multi-area scanning function - a genuine innovation in image processing technology. The new MultiArea functionality complements the physical sensor equipment with virtual cameras. It is now possible to set as many fields of vision as desired with different parameters (such as defect sizes) and perform various inspection tasks at the same time. This application is controlled by a machine vision software newly developed by Pixargus. HMI is via a tiltable multi-touch screen with a further enhanced graphical display. The screen works like modern tablets or smart phones. You simply touch the element you want to select, move an object by dragging your finger across the screen or zoom in or out by pinching or spreading two fingers. The enhanced auto focus capability speeds up camera setting and hence the line start.


New head design for quick one-handed operation


The innovative Pixargus MultiCamera Sensor head can be opened with one hand. This makes it easy to place the system flexibly in the line - or remove it from the line without having to interrupt production.  ProfilControl 7 has a 50 % smaller footprint than its predecessor. This saves much space at the production line. Pixargus has also made the new system lighter. The hybrid system, which comes in a high-grade stainless steel casing, weighs not more than 200 kg, making it extremely easy to maneuver. Both the steel casing and the wiring are designed to cope with high mechanical impact and other influences encountered in severe industrial environments. This is high quality made in Germany.


Enhanced quality data to optimize the process and network the production chain


PC7 not only provides measured data and evaluations in real time, but also processes quality-relevant data into a "defect map". Intelligent Big Data analysis functions make the production chain of extrusion more transparent at critical stages. Repetitive defects are avoided - at line speeds of up to 300 m/min. Production can be optimized in a pinpoint manner. The system can be easily integrated into corporate network structures, SAP environments and existing PDA and ERP systems. It can be networked with other sensors and measuring systems and is suitable for horizontal and vertical integration into innovative Industry 4.0 applications. As required, all components of the system can be managed within a decentralized line structure or centrally via a server.

22 December 2017 Friday
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